PLF - Liquid Filled Electric Hydronic Heaters

IDEAL SPACES | Bedrooms; Living/Family Rooms; Kitchens; Bathrooms; Basements; Offices; Conference Rooms; Hallways; Lobbies; Waiting Rooms; Geriatric Facilities
COLOR | Navajo White

For gentle heat with maximum efficiency, look no further than this hydronic baseboard heater. This hard-wired unit provides gentle, steady heat for superior comfort. Since it uses liquid-element technology, the heater is cool to the touch, making it an excellent choice around children and pets. Low-profile design makes it a perfect fit for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and dens. This heater is UL listed for safe operation on flooring, tile or carpet, and its thermal cutoff function prevents overheating.

  • A sheathed electric heating element is partially immersed in a heat-transfer liquid and sealed in a heater-length copper tube
  • The large diameter reservoir maximizes the volume of heat storage fluid to prolong the thermal constant of the entire heater
  • Gentle heat keeps radiating even after the thermostat turns off because of the hydronic elements retention qualities
  • GO-ANYWHERE DESIGN. The entire unit mounts flush to any wall and flat on any floor - wood, carpet or tile
  • The trim, three-inch thick functional design and low operating temperatures allow carpeting to be installed up to and around the baseboard
  • Heavy-duty steel louvered grilles discourage insertion of foreign objects and direct heat outward into the room
  • Designer-style junction boxes are made of high-strength Lexan® to resist scratches and wear marks
  • Built-in cut-off automatically shuts down the heater should any overheating occur

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