F2500 - Electric Baseboard Heaters

​IDEAL SPACES | Bedrooms; Living/Family Rooms; Kitchens; Bathrooms; Basements; Offices; Conference Rooms; Hallways; Lobbies; Waiting Rooms   
COLOR | White

Quick comfort — that's what you'll get with this baseboard convector. This hard-wired heater provides fan-free warmth without circulating dust and debris. There's no need to worry about the unit overheating — its thermal cutoff function disconnects the power if it senses an unnecessarily high temperature. And it's UL listed for safe installation on carpet, tile or other flooring.

  • Easily installed without disassembly
  • Designed for quiet operation...no popping and pinging normally associated with baseboard heaters
  • Built-in safety thermal cut-off protection
  • Easy out knockouts at each end for convenient wiring
  • Knockouts inside wiring compartment allow field installation of optical raceway kit from end to end, forming UL listed wiring
  • UL listed for installation on wall at floor level with wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Heater stands unsupported during installation
  • Navajo White or Northern White enamel finish retains attractive appearance and is compatible with all interior decors
  • Pre-notched mounting guide marks for fast and easy installation without disassembling the unit
  • Built-in cable clamp in both wiring compartments to restrain incoming cables without using additional hardware

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