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When it comes to baseboard heaters, you have two main options: convection or hydronic. A convection (or “hot air”) baseboard heater heats a room by drawing in cooler air and pushing out warmer air. A hydronic (or “hot water”) baseboard heater, on the other hand, warms a room by heating a non-toxic fluid from within a reservoir.

Whether you’re looking to heat your home or you’re a heating decision maker for a public facility, here 4 key reasons to consider hydronic baseboard heaters over convection baseboard heaters:

1. Hydronic baseboard heaters maintain balanced room comfort

Because of the retention qualities of the hydronic element, gentle heat continues to radiate even after the thermostat turns off. This makes for more balanced heating and keeps the room at a comfortable temperature for extended periods of time. Other types of baseboard heaters can’t provide the same kind of balance. That’s why hydronic baseboard heaters are the ideal choice for rooms in your home where you want ultimate comfort, like the living room, bedrooms and maybe the basement. They can also help keep the chill out of kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Hydronic baseboard heaters increase energy efficiency

With this type of baseboard heater, the thermostat cycles on and off less frequently. This lowers energy usage – and your energy bill. These energy savings make this type of heater great for homes and offices alike.

3. Hydronic baseboard heaters are safer for children and/or pets

From playrooms and daycare facilities to veterinary clinics, hydronic heaters are the best choice for rooms where children or pets often play. These heaters have a low surface temperature, making them cooler to the touch on little hands and paws.

4. Hydronic baseboard heaters are better for allergy sufferers

Heating fluid instead of air means more moisture in the air and less chance of dust circulating. People with allergies may notice that fewer symptoms occur in a room with hydronic baseboard heaters, making these types of heaters ideal for their homes.

If you’ve decided hydronic baseboard heaters are the right choice for your space, below are a few quality options from Marley Engineered Products:

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