Electric Heating

AHR 2018

Thanks for visiting Booth 5577! Marley Engineered Products showcased its floor-to-ceiling total custom solutions and made-to-order products and capabilities for custom heating solutions for any application. Our training presentations during the show gave an in-depth look into a few of our more creative custom heating projects for some prominent facilities across the country.

Couldn't make it to the show? Take a look at the video PM Magazine shot of our Product Manager, Dennis Krob, showing off the latest products!

Demand Grows for Antimicrobial Finish Heaters

The demand for antimicrobial properties in coatings has increased in various industries over the last decade, with the market expected to more than double in growth, reaching upwards of $5 billion USD by 2020.¹ During this time frame, indoor air quality and HVAC applications have been the major growth drivers, stimulating popularity within verticals such as medical/healthcare, textiles and construction.