RCC Series - Cove Heater

IDEAL SPACES | Offices; Hallways; Lobbies; Conference Rooms; Retail Spaces; Day Care Centers; Geriatric Facilities;  Laboratories; Living Rooms; Kitchens; Bedrooms; Bathrooms; Basements
COLOR | White    
DIMENSIONS | 4-3/16" H x 3" D (Length varies)

For gentle heating in spaces where wall space is at a premium, select a cove heater. It mounts easily on the wall, providing warmth for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, basement or office.

  • Ideal for primary or supplemental comfort heat
  • Perfect where wall space is limited and gentle heat is desired
  • Extruded aluminum front panel provides a high efficiency, textured, radiating surface
  • Coated with high temperature textured paint, unit radiates a majority of its heat energy from front surface
  • New profile and unique hanging system provide optimal heat dissipation for uniform comfort
  • Easily wall-mounted; with all parts included
  • Provides clean, gentle, comfortable heat while allowing full usage of wall and floor spaces
  • No noise. No moving parts. No maintenance
  • No ceilings, walls or drapes to clean. No dried out ai
  • Dual Function Heating (Radiant and Convection): remaining energy is “wiped off” by convection flow behind and over the top of unit, circulating warm air into the room - achieving balanced heating throughout

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