Plenum-Rated Unit Heater, Concealed Space Use - Zero Clearance - MSPH Series

IDEAL SPACES | Concealed Areas; Concession Stands; Bathrooms; Plenum Areas; Entrance Ways
COLOR | Beige
TEMP RANGE | 40°-90° F                      
CFM | 350-1000
DIMENSIONS | Varies (see specifications)

This zero-clearance, plenum-rated unit heater fits unobtrusively into unique spaces where you need freeze protection or extra comfort for occupants. It even connects to existing ductwork, making it easy to integrate with your building’s environmental system.

  • Plenum-rated approved for installations in concealed spaces (between finished ceiling and drop ceiling, plenum space, or inside a plenum). It may be installed in areas that are not readily accessible and may be installed for freeze protection
  • Compact size, zero clearance, design for horizontal installation
  • Connects to duct work for home extensions – eliminates running duct work to HVAC saving money and time
  • High limit thermal cutout - automatic reset
  • Built-in disconnect switch
  • Fan-only option
  • Timed blower on/off delay
  • External 24Vthermostat control (not included)
  • PSC-type 2-speed motor (ex. 480V models)
  • Multiple heat rise selection
  • 20-gauge all powder coated steel construction
  • Acoustic fiberglass insulation
  • Single point power connection
  • Heavy-duty steel finned heating element
  • Quiet, efficient, forward-curved centrifugal blower

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