HRK Series - Single-Element Infrared Heater

  • IDEAL SPACES | Car Washes; Parking Garages; Showrooms; Work Stations; Loading Docks; Aircraft Hangers; Warehouses
    ENCLOSURE TYPE | Painted Steel        
    ELEMENT TYPE* | Quartz               
    REFLECTIVE ANGLE | 60° Symmetrical

    These infrared heaters work well in car washes, garages, loading docks, hangars and warehouses. Their single quartz element provides reliable output that is unaffected by outside air movement and drafts.

    • Ideal for supplemental and spot heating
    • Heavy-duty gold anodized reflector has one of the highest levels for radiating heat energy
    • Optional HWG wire guard provides a protective safety screen preventing objects contacting hot element
    • Horizontal ceiling mount with supplied chains or to wall using the optional FRPWMB wall mounting bracket
    • High quality finish and steel internal sheet metal parts give excellent service under most operating conditions, including coastal salt air and most industrial atmospheres**

    NOTE: *Quartz Lamp: used indoors and outdoors for snow melting and spot heating. **Finish not intended for direct salt spray exposure in marine applications or highly corrosive greenhouse, swimming pool, chemical storage or industrial atmospheres. 

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