Fan-Forced Wall Heater - GFR Series

IDEAL SPACES | Bedrooms; Living/Family Rooms; Kitchens; Bathrooms; Basements; Offices; Conference Rooms; Hallways; Lobbies; Waiting Rooms
COLOR | White
TEMP RANGE | 40°-85°F
CFM | 50
GRILLE | 16-7/8” W X 7-3/4” H X 7/8” D             
BACK BOX | 14-3/8” W X 4-5/8” H X 4-3/8” D     

Now you can have commercial-grade heating in your own home with this fan-forced wall heater. This quiet, fast-acting heater is recommended for bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms and home offices. Built to resemble a standard home heating vent, it installs up on the wall — out of the way of pets, children or other foot traffic. Its simple 3-piece construction makes it easy to install, and the CLIP-N-FIT® jumper system allows for easy adjustment of the heater's wattage level.

  • Contemporary register-style grille that blends with any residential or commercial appeal
  • Tangential blower for whisper-quiet operation
  • Dual Protection: thermal cutout with indicator light and one time thermal fuse
  • Permanently lubricated fan motor and dust-protected bearings

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