Commercial Slope-Top Convector - ST Series

  • IDEAL SPACES| (STANDARD) Offices; Corridors; Lobbies; Maintenance Rooms; Stairwells; Other Similar Spaces (NEMA 4x) Food Processing Areas; Dairies; Breweries; Locker Rooms; Stadium Dugouts; Other Areas Subject To High Pressure Hosing and/or Wet Conditions
  • COLORS | White, Beige, Aluminum, Bronze, Black, Charcoal Gray & Stainless Steel
  • Custom Colors Available
  • DIMENSIONS | See specifications
  • NEMA 4X model consists of stainless steel design rated for washdown and corrosive environments
  • Designed to mount on wall at sill height (or lower) and can be positioned directly on floor. End of unit can be positioned against adjacent sidewall if desired
  • Front cover fabricated from 16-gauge steel; back cover is constructed of 18-gauge steel
  • Thermal limit switch with linear type (full length) sensing bulb provides constant protection against overheating from any cause. Switch will automatically reset when normal operating temperatures are restored
  • Elements are long-life metal sheath type, anchored to allow for quiet expansion and contraction
  • Baked enamel finishes that are compatible with all interior decors
  • Attractive 45° sloped top discourages use of heater as a shelf or a “stepstool”
  • Units can be mounted from wall-to-wall or as discrete units in standard lengths of 28 in. to 10 ft.
  • Optional built-in controls include: thermostat; disconnect switch; transformer relay; and power relay (see specifications)
  • Accessories include complete line of matching splice sections, inside and outside corners, and blank sections
  • Pre-wired and designed for either right- or left-hand entry with connection of supply wiring from bottom, rear or end, as well multiple wiring of adjacent heaters from one entry point
  • All internal parts are accessible by removing cover for easy service access

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