Commercial Sill-Height Convector - CSH Series

  • IDEAL SPACES | Offices; Hallways; Lobbies; Conference Rooms; Retail; Other Similar Areas with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
  • DIMENSIONS | See specifications
  • COLORS | White, Beige, Aluminum, Bronze, Black, Charcoal Gray & Custom Colors
  • Perfect for under-the-window heat loss and condensation prevention
  • Durable front cover constructed of 16-gauge steel (optional 14-gauge available)
  • Wall-mounted design; bottom or front inlet - top outlet
  • Units may contain 1-3 heating elements that yield a broad range of heating capacity (see specifications)
  • Optional 1/4 in. mesh located under the discharge grille to deter insertion of objects and restriction of airflow
  • Blend into any décor with 8 standard color options or custom finishes and anodizing available upon request
  • Locate at sill height (or lower) or run from mullion-to-mullion
  • Units can be mounted from wall-to-wall or as discrete units in standard lengths of 28 in. to 10 ft.
  • Optional built-in controls include: line voltage thermostat (SPST or DPST); two-stage thermostat; power on/off switch; transformer relay; and power relay (see specifications)
  • Right- or left-hand entry/wiring flexibility with identical pre-wired junction boxes at either end
  • Easy connection of supply wiring from bottom, rear or end, as well as multiple wiring of adjacent heaters from one entry point
  • For service, all internal parts are accessible by removing cover  

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