BRM Series - Industrial Infrared Heater

DEAL SPACES | Wastewater Treatment Plants; Loading Docks; Foundries; Auto or Marine Repair Facilities; Walkways; Assembly Areas; Enclosed Smoking Areas; Indoor/Outdoor Storage Areas
ENCLOSURE TYPE | Stainless Steel        
ELEMENT TYPE* | Metal Sheath  
REFLECTIVE ANGLE | 90° Symmetrical
COLOR | Stainless Steel

Industrial stainless steel infrared heaters provide fan-free warmth in open areas like repair bays, walkways, assembly areas, foundries and loading docks. These high-output heaters are flexible enough to be mounted in any orientation.

  • Ideal for permanent supplemental, spot heating where dependence on air movement is impractical
  • High-watt density and industrial design provides a durable source of heat
  • Units are rated to be permanently mounted in the hoizontal position
  • Heavy-duty U-Bend element
  • Electric heaters convert energy to heat at 100% efficiency
  • Optional safety grilles are available
  • Heater has sealed wiring compartment that allows units for washdown

NOTE: *Metal Sheathed: used indoors or outdoors in high-traffic areas

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