FBE Series - Portable Electric Convector Heaters

  • COLORS | White
  • Don't waste energy and heat rooms you aren't using.
  • Maintain individual room control with portable electric convector heat - get heat only in the places you want 100% energy efficient. Heat is dissipated by large fins into a strong convection flow. This delivers every bit of available heat.
  • Distinctively designed.
  • High-impact Lexan® end panels with built-in handles.
  • Low profile design enhances the unique appearance and add to the units overall stability
  • Fills entire room with even comfort. No cold spots. No hot spots. The complete heating cycle fills your entire room with uniform, gentle floor-to-ceiling warmth and comfort.
  • Safety thermal cutout protection.
  • Linear high temperature cutout safety checks the entire length of heater and will automatically shut off heater and will automatically shut off heater in the event of accidental air blockage
  • 2-year limited warranty


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