FSSHO - High Out-Put Digital Wall Heater

  • Heat where you are, not where you aren’t. Instant response when you want it. Save energy by heating only the areas you occupy
  • Precise heat within 1.5 degree of set temperature (as compared to five degrees with conventional bi-metal thermostats.).
  • 5 day / 2 day programmability (5 weekdays and 2 day weekend, 4 program periods per day).
  • Provides only the amount of heat needed at any given moment by continually calculating heat output and fan speed of the proportional difference between room temperature and the set temperature.
  • Built-in fan delay operates when unit is turned off after heating to prolong element life.
  • Fan delay also prevents fan from coming on until element has warmed up.
  • Fan only mode (no heat) for supplemental ventilation.
  • BMS feature allows connection to Building Management Systems (Dry contact).
  • Heater can be locked out for security so settings cannot be changed.
  • Easy to use LED touch screen operation with adjustable soft signal beeps.
  • Hold mode maintains constant set temperature which can be used for freeze protection or vacation setting for when you are not there.
  • Quick set up – ‘right out of the box’
  • 3 piece construction includes:
    • Back box
    • Element/Fan Deck
    • Grille
  • No ducting or plumbing needed means no heat loss before the heat enters the room.
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