FBE Series - Electric Baseboard Heaters

IDEAL SPACES | Bedrooms; Living/Family Rooms; Kitchens; Bathrooms; Basements; Offices; Conference Rooms; Hallways; Lobbies; Waiting Rooms; Day Cares; Geriatric Facilities
COLOR | Navajo White

For uniform heat in any room, choose this portable baseboard heater. Its variable wattage element provides comfort from floor to ceiling, without hot or cold spots, using natural convection currents to move warm air instead of a fan or blower. The unit's 120-volt plug allows you to use it in almost any room, and the built-in thermostat provides effective control. Its low-profile design means you can tuck it away in your den, bathroom, living room or bedroom without worrying about overheating, thanks to its automatic thermal cutoff function.

  • Don't waste energy and heat rooms you aren't using. 
  • Maintain individual room control with portable electric convector heat - get heat only in the places you want 100% energy efficient. Heat is dissipated by large fins into a strong convection flow. This delivers every bit of available heat. 
  • Distinctively designed. 
  • High-impact Lexan® end panels with built-in handles
  • Low profile design enhances the unique appearance and add to the units overall stability
  • Fills entire room with even comfort. No cold spots. No hot spots. The complete heating cycle fills your entire room with uniform, gentle floor-to-ceiling warmth and comfort
  • Safety thermal cutout protection
  • Linear high temperature cutout safety checks the entire length of heater and will automatically shut off heater and will automatically shut off heater in the event of accidental air blockage 
  • 2-year limited warranty

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