QFF Series - Ceiling-Mounted Fan-Forced Heater

IDEAL SPACES | Entryways; Hallways; Restrooms; Detention Environments; Lobbies
TEMP RANGE | 40°-90° F
CFM | 150
GRILLE | 15-3/4” W x 19-1/8” L x 1” D   
BACK BOX | 14-3/8” W x 18-1/4” L
COLOR | Navajo White

Anywhere it makes sense to keep your heating solution out of the way and out of reach, choose these fan-forced ceiling heaters. They work well as a comfort solution for hallways, lobbies, restrooms or detention environments.

  • Accommodates pneumatic/electric or low voltage controls commonly used with BMS Systems
  • Built in power on/off switch
  • When using wall thermostat, separate thermostat wiring is required
  • Automatic fan delay eliminates cold drafts on start-up and discharges residual heat from the heater body during shut down
  • Multiple mounting options: recessed, surface or T-Bar
  • Heavy duty 14-gauge louvered front cover grille with tamper-resistant screws

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