• IDEAL SPACES | Factories; Garages; Stores; Maintenance Room; Warehouses; Public Buildings; Service Stations; Workshops; Stairwells
    COLOR | Beige
    TEMP RANGE | 45°- 90° F                    
    CFM | 270-1800
    DIMENSIONS | Varies (see specifications)

    This heavy-duty heater provides a longterm comfort solution wherever you need to warm up — garages, workshops, basements, even outdoor spaces. Aim heat anywhere with adjustable louvers and flexible mounting options for both horizontal and vertical applications.

    • All motors and contactor coils are 240V and operate on the secondary of a factory-installed step-down power transformer on 480V and 600V heaters so a separate fan and motor control power source is not needed
    • Automatic fan delay eliminates cold drafts on start-up and discharges residual heat from the heater body during shut down
    • Steel fins are copper-brazed to low-watt density, steel-sheathed tubular heating elements
    • 5 and 7.5 kW models also come equipped with ceiling mounting bracket for horizontal or vertical flow mounting or any position in between
    • Uniform discharge of all heated air lowers internal operating temperatures and prolongs element life
    • Cabinet is finished with a polyester powder coating for excellent corrosion resistance
    • Element finished with aluminized paint for corrosion resistance
    • Fins and elements are arranged in a uniform grid pattern and fit closely into air discharge area to assure that all incoming air passes through heating element
    • High-limit cut-off automatically shuts off current in the event of overheating and reactivates unit when temperature returns to normal                

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