IDEAL SPACES | School Hallways; Churches; Transportation Terminals; Stairwells; Entrance Ways; Vestibules; Lobbies; Mechanical Rooms
TEMP RANGE | 55°-85° F                      
CFM | 200-500
COLORS | White

ADDITIONAL COLORS | Beige, Aluminum, Bronze, Black & Cutom Colors available upon request
DIMENSIONS | 26-3/8" H x 9-3/4" D (length varies)

Contemporary Aesthetics

  • Contemporary design to match modern and future architect specifications
  • ​Standard stamped grille with optional ducted grilles


Easy Install and Maintenance

  • One-person maintenance on ceiling applications with hinged front panel
  • Front cover interlock de-energizes unit when front cover is removed for added safety
  • Disposable air filter mounted in inlet air stream; optional permanent and washable aluminum filters available

Robust Design

  • Cabinet constructed of heavy 16-gauge cold-rolled steel to provide strength and finished with a polyester powder coating for corrosion resistance
  • Motors are mounted with automatic thermal overload protection; motor fuse protection is provided on all heaters to meet safety requirements
  • Comes standard with two thermal safety cutouts to automatically shut off and protect the heater in the event of overheating. Reactivates the heater when operating temperature returns to normal

BACnet Control Integration Functionality

  • The new SmartSeries® Plus control is the first digital touchscreen control capable of running a fully programmable internal schedule as well as having the capability to connect to a BACnet Building Management System


*Optional feature. Contact sales representative or factory regarding optional features available, including: built-in fan switch; 120V control, electronically controlled outside air damper; inlet and discharge duct collars; dead-front and fused dead-front disconnect switches; built-in night set back relay; and trim kits. See page 39 to find out how to order cabinet unit heaters

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