CP Series - Radiant Ceiling Panels

  • IDEAL SPACES | Offices; Hallways; Lobbies; Conference Rooms; Retail Spaces; Locker Rooms; Laboratories; Yoga Studios; Living Rooms; Bedrooms; Bathrooms; Basements
    COLORS | White & Custom Colors             
    DIMENSIONS | 24 x 24" and 24 x 48"

    Radiant ceiling panels go where other comfort solutions can’t. With three mounting options, they can fit any ceiling space, helping to offset heat loss through perimeter windows and entrances. Install them in your bathroom, office or studio — anywhere you need to keep warm and conserve floor space for activities.

    • Ideal for invisible, primary or supplemental comfort
    • Perfect for offsetting perimeter heat losses or providing primary heat to an entire space
    • Full line of custom panels available upon request (see specifications)
    • Unit comes standard with 48 in. of 1/2 in. flexible metal conduit and J-Box connector
    • Insulation - Made of 1 in., 1 lb. density, high-temperature fiberglass
    • Galvanized or aluminized steel housing
    • Encapsulated casted element assures uniform temperatures across surface and unit longevity
    • Includes ground wire and 48 in. lead wires housed in flexible metal conduit
    • All panels come standard with combination Earthquake/T-bar grip clips
    • Hanging Clips provide holes for support chains, or can be folded over T-Bar to reduce lateral movement
    • Constructed of fire retardant materials; no fire or hazardous rating
    • Ceiling Panels can be Made-To-Order


    • TEGULAR (revealed edge): Tegular systems may utilize a standard grid with a 10/16 in. cross-T or a “fine line” grid with a 9/16 in. cross-T. The acoustical title is notched to hang below the grid creating the revealed edge. Tegular panels are built with a support angle on all four sides to allow the panel front to drop flush with the finished ceiling. Tegular and Fine line Tegular panels are supplied standard with universal mounting clips installed for support chain
    • SILKSCREEN: Radiant heating panels can be silk screened to provide an architectural blend with leading acoustical tiles. For T-bar, concealed spline and Tegular ceiling systems
    • CUSTOM COLORS: Radiant heating panels can be painted any color desired with high temperature acrylic paints without affecting panel performance. Radiant energy is emitted from heating panels in the 8-10 micron wavelength range. One of the principal characteristics of the wavelength is that it is not color selective as are shorter wavelengths. Consequently, the surface color of the panel is unimportant to heating efficiency and can be considered solely in the light of aesthetics
    • PANEL FRONTS FOR CONTINUOUS CEILING LINE: To provide a continuous ceiling line around the perimeter of a building, the factory can provide panel fronts to be interspersed between the functioning heating panels
    • CONTROLS: P/E Switches - factory prewired to heaters. 20 amps - 120V, 240V, 208V and 277V. Power Relay - factory prewired to heaters. 30 amps single-pole with 24V, 120V, 208/240V or 277V holding coil voltages
    • LONGER FLEXIBLE CONDUIT: Panels will replace the standard 48 in. greenfield with up to 11 ft. of 1/2 in. flexible conduit
    • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Special stainless steel panels are available for chlorine storage areas. Panels will be equipped with seal tight connectors and silicone sealed. If orders call for stainless steel construction the panels will be painted unless specified different
    • FACTORY SILICONE-SEALED PANELS: Exterior moisture and condensation do not affect heating panel performance, but water inside the unit can cause the panel to fail. Panels being used in locker rooms and swimming pool areas should be totally sealed with silicone at the factory before shipment, if there is a chance of moisture above the ceiling, then seal tight conduit and seal tight connectors also should be used
    • SEAL-TIGHT FLEXIBLE CONDUIT & CONNECTORS: Radiant ceiling panels come with 1/2 in. greenfield flexible conduit and straight connectors. Seal-tight connectors and conduit can be substituted at the factor if panels are to be used in high moisture areas or if required by local electrical codes
    • HEAVIER DUTY PANELS: For special installation the factory can use heavier gauge steel in the construction of the panels
    • MODULAR WIRING SYSTEMS: For specific jobs, the factor can substitute modular connector for the straight connectors and pig tails that are standard equipment

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