BDBSL Series - Draft Barrier Convector

IDEAL SPACES | Offices; Hallways; Lobbies; Conference Rooms; Retail; Other Similar Areas with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

COLORS | White, Beige, Aluminum, Bronze, Black, Charcoal Gray & Custom Colors

DIMENSIONS | 4" H x 2-5/8" D (Length varies)


  • Ideal for elegant, supplemental comfort under windows for heat loss and condensation prevention
  • Unique two-piece extruded aluminum “Snap-Lock” closure design secures the one-piece top and front grilles to the one-piece back and bottom providing a rapid, secure fit all along the length of the unit
  • Front/bottom inlet air grille utilizes slots which create an attractive installation where inlet grille is visible
  • Unit comes standard with rear knockouts and unpainted back. Optional custom-painted backs and rear knockout options are available
  • Blend into any décor with custom paint and anodizing upon request
  • Units can be mounted on floor, wall, or pedestals
  • Customize space with wall-to-wall installation, or as discrete units in standard lengths of 2-10 ft.
  • Single or multiple heat decks are available upon request to accommodate a multitude of spaces
  • Units are available in a wide range of heating capacities per foot length (see specifications)
  • Inside and outside corners can be ordered factory-cut and mitered to fit difficult or unusual spaces
  • Architectural-style end sections give a finished look when used as a stand-alone or where a wall-to-wall run is not desired
  • Full line of trim accessories, including matching blank sections, end caps, filler sections, inside and outside corners, diagonal end sections, and splice plates
  • Optional built-in controls include: line-voltage thermostat; two-stage thermostat; on/off switch; transformer relay; power relay and pneumatic/switch
  • Right -or left-hand entry and built-in wire way (equivalent to 1/2 in. conduit) with factory-installed wiring
  • Easy connection of supply wiring from bottom, rear or end, as well as multiple wiring of adjacent heaters from one entry point
  • Thermal limit switch with linear type (full length) sensing bulb provides constant protection against overheating from any cause
  • Switch will automatically reset when normal operating temperatures are restored
  • Discharge air openings in top grille are punched slots which are pencil-proof for safety

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