Industrial Spaces Need Strong, Efficient Heaters

By: Kyle Jason, Product Manager

No matter the time of year, there are some facilities that are always susceptible to drafts or chilly air flow. Large industrial spaces with machinery, such as factories, garages, workshops or warehouses, often require additional heating support to keep workspaces comfortable year-round. But to combat a constant flow of cold air, these types of spaces need resilient industrial heaters that can withstand long hours and high temperatures, without sacrificing energy efficiency.

No Heat Wasted
Industrial spaces can be challenging to warm, underscoring the importance of energy-efficient heaters to keep costs under control. When outfitting an industrial space with additional heaters, look for units that are designed to address drafts. While it may seem counterintuitive, drafts often originate from the heating units that have been installed to fight off cold air.

QMark and Berko industrial unit heaters utilize an automatic fan delay to eliminate cold drafts on start-up and discharge residual heat from the heater body during shutdown. In addition, the fins and elements in these units are arranged in a uniform grid pattern and fit closely into air discharge areas to assure that all incoming air passes through a heating element. This design prevents cold air from infiltrating through the fan while also keeping energy efficiency a top priority.  

Stand the Test of Time
Industrial spaces are known to be resilient and able to withstand intense activity. Likewise, the heaters used to warm these spaces must also perform well under grueling conditions. For long hours of continual use, consider industrial unit heaters that are designed for heavy wear and tear.

QMark and Berko industrial unit heaters come with steel fins that are copper-brazed to low-watt density and steel-sheathed tubular heating elements. Their cabinets are finished with a polyester powder coating and the unit is topped off with aluminized paint for complete corrosion resistance.  In addition, the units offer uniform discharge of all heated air to lower internal operating temperatures and prolong the life of the heaters.

Added Convenience
Just because a heater is strong and efficient, doesn’t meant it can’t be convenient too. Industry-leading industrial unit heaters come with ceiling and/or wall mounting brackets to enable horizontal or vertical flow, or any position in between to meet the unique needs of the space.

Often, industrial facilities are flooded with machinery leaving too many moving parts to keep track. QMark and Berko industrial unit heaters address this concern by offering all motor and contractor coils at 240V and are able to operate on the secondary of a factory-installed step-down power transformer on 480V and 600V heaters. Thus, the units can function without the need for a separate fan and motor control power source. In addition, these industrial unit heaters are equipped with a high-limit cut-off that automatically shuts off current in the event of overheating, and reactivates the unit when the temperature returns to normal. Users can set up the heaters and let them run without fear of unnecessary accidents – out of sight, out of mind.

Key Takeaways
Industrial spaces can be costly to warm, particularly with poor-performing unit heaters. When selecting the right option for additional warmth in an industrial space, look at unit heaters with design features that prolong the life of the unit while making sure no energy is wasted. QMark and Berko industrial unit heaters offer resiliency and efficiency, with additional functions for convenience, making them ideal for any industrial heating need.