How Does a Convection Heater Work?

Tapping into a natural phenomenon known as “convection,” air inside a convector is heated becoming less dense than the surrounding cool air, enabling it to rise due to buoyancy. As the heated air rises, the cooler air on the floor is drawn into the convector, creating a constant flow. By placing convectors under a window, the heated air rises and blocks the down draft of cold air, creating a heated air curtain.

All convectors contain two components that work together to safely deliver heated air to the space: the element and an over temperature limit.

Convector Heaters - The Definitive Guide

Offices, hotels, schools, retail stores, sports facilities and other building types typically have rooms that can be efficiently heated by the use of heaters, such as convectors, radiant ceiling panels or infrared radiant heaters.

Customizable Marley Radiant Ceiling Panels Offer Cost-Efficient Overhead Heating for Discrete, Integrated Warmth

Marley Engineered Products, a leader in high-performance, reliable heating and ventilation equipment, introduces QMark radiant ceiling panels that provide custom, targeted, hidden heat in a wide range of applications.

AHR 2018

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Infrared Heaters Melt Away Safety Concerns For Parking Garage Ramps

During construction of the 190-unit, 15-story JeffJack Apartments building in downtown Chicago, the owner sought an effective method to prevent snow and ice build-up on the building’s parking garage ramps during winter. Infrared heaters from Marley Engineered Products paved the way.

New Year’s Resolutions for Electric Heating in 2017

January is a great month for new beginnings and fresh starts. However, as well-intentioned as New Year’s resolutions are, every one of us has struggled to keep them up. Marley Engineered Products is here to help with some simple and effective resolutions for staying warm in 2017!

Marley Engineered Products: Taking Comfort Further, Decade After Decade

Marley Engineered Products draws upon a long history as a leading provider of reliable comfort electric heating and ventilation solutions for end users. Today, with manufacturing operations in Bennettsville, S.C., and sales representatives located throughout the U.S., our company continues its legacy of designing and manufacturing a wide range of innovative, quality engineered products.

Spot heating solutions – keeping cozy in every space

When you’re looking to heat part of a building or home with cold spots, consider spot heating options. Cold spots that need heat include areas that may not have been included when the HVAC system was installed, such as new additions or spaces that were simply overlooked. In addition to comfort being affected by cold spots, research also suggests that employees are less productive when their office is too chilly.¹ ² Various solutions can provide heating for system failures as well as permanent ones where additional HVAC ducting isn’t a cost-effective solution.