For Personalized Workplace Comfort, Opt for Portable Radiant Heaters

By: Jim Herring, Technical Serice Supervisor

When creating the right office atmosphere, comfort is key. Employers want to ensure teams are not too warm where they may get sleepy, but also not too cold that they cannot concentrate. Unfortunately, many different types of workplaces face year-round temperature challenges and struggle to strike the perfect balance to keep all employees comfortable and focused.

Electric Garage Heaters for a Warm Workshop

By Jim Herring

Most garages are not connected to central heating, making them a large cold spot in most home heating systems. When winter comes, an unheated garage can be a cold and unappealing place for home maintenance, tinkering and other hobbies.

One way to keep a garage workspace toasty even in the harshest winters is choosing a top-notch electric garage heater. Electric heaters offer several benefits over other heating systems — they don’t require venting like gas heaters and can be more cost-effective.

Portable Radiant Heat for Quiet, Personalized Comfort

When workstations, desks and counters leave employees cold, supplemental radiant heating can be a necessity to keep things comfortable.

Marley Engineered Products Gives Back

On Monday, February 25, the West Suburban Community Food Pantry received a visit from various Marley Engineered Products employees from

Benefits of Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

Whether you’re looking to heat your home or you’re a heating decision maker for a public facility, there are 4 key reasons to consider hydronic baseboard heaters over convection baseboard heaters.

To discover all the advantages of hydronic baseboard heaters, read 4 Reasons to Switch to Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

Finding the Right Garage Heater | Marley Engineered Products

A garage heater can turn that cold spot into a cozy place for work or play, all year round. When considering the options available, keep in mind that electric garage heaters can help provide more safety, efficiency and flexibility than propane heaters.


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Lovin Saini Named Director of MEP Product Management

Marley Engineered Products recently named Lovin Saini as the new director of product management. Saini will be responsible for leading MEP’s product managers in developing market strategies to profitably grow the company, including defining the long-term product strategy for market preference. Learn more about the new personnel announcement in HPAC Magazine here.

Bring Your Vision to Life with Marley Total Custom Solutions

Are you in the middle of a building project? As you look over your heating and ventilation requirements, are you wondering, “How will this get done?”

Then it’s high time you call in the experts at Marley. Our Total Custom Solutions team will support you from design to installation.

Addressing the Diverse Heating Demands of Multi-use Buildings

Multi-purpose facilities often present unique heating challenges that require customized heating solutions. No matter how a building is being used, there is an appropriate heating method available to address every need. Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News magazine recently featured our article that describes heating solutions for a multi-use building and how Marley’s diverse portfolio of product solutions - such as convectors or baseboard heaters - can ensure energy efficiency and occupant satisfaction.

Convector Use: When, Where and How

Convectors are typically installed along the perimeter of rooms to block the downdrafts caused by the cold outside wall cooling the air next to it, and to counteract transmission losses. In most cases, convectors are mounted at the floor level along an outside wall and under windows, allowing heated air to rise from the top of the unit and block the cold “down draft” air.