Electric Garage Heaters

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No one should have to work in a cold garage. At Marley Engineered Products, we have you covered! Choose from a wide variety of electric garage heaters designed to keep you and your work space toasty, even in the harshest of winters. 

Top reasons to choose an electric heater for your garage:

  • Electric garage heaters are efficient. 100% of the electricity used is turned into heat!
  • Electric heat does not emit any byproducts. Fossil fuel sources, such as propane and natural gas, give off byproducts when burned for heat.  
  • Electric garage heaters have precise air control. The heaters can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and positioned so that the airflow is horizontal, vertical or any position in between!
  • There are several options for the type of electric heat in your garage. If you only need to warm up yourself and not your whole space, a radiant heater is ideal. If you would like your entire garage to be warm, a fan-forced heater would be the correct selection. You can also use a portable heater to move your heat with you as you work!
  • Electric garage heaters are safe. The heaters have no fumes to vent. Our electric garage heaters are also safe to use around other products that emit gaseous fumes, such as gas-fueled vehicles and lawn equipment.

Berko Electric Garage Heaters

  • GH48R Series - Includes remote control, mounting bracket and optional timer feature. Heating element is stainless steel. 
  • HUHTA/ST Series - Equipped with ceiling-mount bracket for horizontal or vertical flow mounting. Single pole thermostat. High limit cutout prevents overheating.
  • HUHAA - Wide variety of optional control kits availahle. Optional fan only option. Individual louvers adjust to direct air flow.
  • MCM Series - Portable unit with three heat settings. Ceramic core element. 120V grounded cord and plug.
  • BRH Series - Built in thermostat. Industrial grill. 6 foot heavy duty cord. 

QMark Electric Garage Heaters 

qmark garage heaters

  • GH48R Series - Includes built in digital interface, remote control, mounting bracket and timer. Stainless steel tubular heating element. 
  • MWUH Series - Ceiling mount bracket for horizontal and vertical flow, or any position in between! Adjustable louvers control air throw direction.
  • MUH35 - Completely adjustable air flow. Includes bracket for wall or ceiling mount. Heavy gauge steel housing. 
  • MMHD Series - Automatic thermostat. Tip-over safety switch. 120V grounded cord and plug.
  • QPH4A Series - Three-way bracket to position unit on any flat surface including floor, ceiling and wall. Compact and easy to carry with built-in handles.
  • QHRA11 Series - Infrared technology heats the objects in the room instead of the air. 120V grounded cord and plug. 

Please let us know if you have additional questions about our Garage Heater options by completing the form below.