Electric Garage Heaters

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Electric Garage Heaters

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Garage Heaters

Most garages are not connected to central heating, making them a large cold spot in most home heating systems. When winter comes, an unheated garage can be a less appealing place for home maintenance, tinkering, and other hobbies.

Why Electric?

Keep your workspace toasty even in the harshest winters with electric garage heaters from Marley Engineered Products. Electric heaters don’t require venting like gas heaters and can be more cost-effective.


Propane or natural gas heaters pose safety risks to your garage that electric heaters don’t. Along with your car, truck, or other gas-powered vehicles, you may also store gas, oil and other flammables in your garage. Because there are no open flames or exhaust fumes with electric heaters, the air remains clear and they’re safer to use around gas vehicles and lawn tools.


When you use an electric garage heater, every bit of electricity used is converted into heat. With propane, on the other hand, only 80% of its fuel is used for heat while the other 20% is lost by-products. That fuel loss translates into inefficiency and can mean higher costs for homeowners, while electric heaters provide efficiency and potential cost savings.


Electric garage heaters give you the flexibility to heat your space the way you want without taking up floor space or creating a tripping hazard. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, and angled to push warm air horizontally, vertically or in any other direction you choose. These installation and airflow options are much harder to achieve with a gas garage heater.

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Which electric garage heater is right for you?

Do you have one dedicated workstation?

Radiant electric heaters are designed to target a specific area with heat.

Our radiant heater recommendation:


Do you have multiple workstations?

Portable heaters are easy to move around the garage, targeting heat to the spot where you’re working.

Our portable heater recommendations:


Do you use your garage as a hang-out spot?

Fan-forced heaters move warm air throughout your entire garage for balanced, all-over heating.

Our fan-forced heater recommendations:


Tips to help you get set up

  • To ensure your heater is putting out enough heat to cover the area you want to warm, match the wattage level of the heater with the size of your garage.
  • With a plug-in 120V electric garage heater, all you need is an outlet.
  • An electric heater that runs at a voltage higher than 120 will need to be wired in. This will require some electrical work.


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  • MMHD Series Portable Fan-Forced Utility Heater — Automatic thermostat. Tip-over safety switch. 120V grounded cord and plug.
  • QPH4A Series Portable Unit Heater — Three-way bracket to position unit on any flat surface including floor, ceiling and wall. Compact and easy to carry with built-in handles.


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