Portable Radiant Heat for Quiet, Personalized Comfort

When workstations, desks and counters leave employees cold, supplemental radiant heating can be a necessity to keep things comfortable.


The 202SL Series underdesk portable radiant heater is a safe, economical choice to deliver just what your chilly workspace needs.

It’s Oh So Quiet

Radiant heating technology functions without using a fan or blower, so it heats up without creating a distraction or moving any air.

It Fits in Anywhere

The freestanding unit has a thin profile, making it easy to slide it under tables or desks without taking up excess space.

It’s Soft Heat for You

The comfort provided by the 202SL Series is radiant heat, which is softer than other heating sources. Radiant technology heats the air and the surrounding space, making it less harsh to occupants of the room.

It’s Wired Up and Ready to Go

A convenient three-prong plug and power cord make it simple to bring the heat. No need for wiring or tying into a thermostat.

It’s Got a Certain Glow…

The heater’s on/off switch has a built-in light, making it easy to operate without having to fumble around in the dark or crawl under your desk.

It’s a Package Deal

Whether you need only one portable heater or several, you’ll find what you need here.


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