202SL Series - Radiant Plug-In Under Desk Heater

  • IDEAL SPACES | Offices; Workstations; Conferences Rooms; Bedrooms; Receptionist Areas
    COLOR | White

    For personal heating at desks, tables, counters and other workstations, you need something safe, economical and easy to control. This under desk heater meets these needs and more. Wheel it into place or mount it on the wall and this unit puts out radiant warmth while staying cool to the touch, so it’s perfect for close quarters.

    • Personalized warmth where and when it is needed
    • Mounting versatility with low-profile wall mount or floor stands
    • Lighted built-in on/off switch
    • 3-prong power cord and plug included
    • Safe to the touch
    • Radiant heat heats objects and people, not the air
    • Energy efficient - costs 1-2 cents per hour to operate

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    Additional Information

    202SLCPQ 170 1.4 120 15 x 22 x 1 8
    MC202SLR 170 1.4 120 17 x 27 x 10 50