Electric Heat to the Rescue! Ensuring Comfortable Conditions in Offices, Garages and Other Workspaces

Electric Heat to the Rescue! Ensuring Comfortable Conditions in Offices, Garages and Other Workspaces

Become a Comfort Hero for Your Building by Utilizing Customized Electric Heat

Have you felt chilly lately? If you’re like many in the working world, your office or workspace is likely too cold for comfort – even when temperatures outside aren’t all that cold. Studies have proven that occupants of office spaces, buildings, garages and other workspaces are less productive when exposed to cold conditions. Many different types of workplaces face year-round temperature challenges and struggle to strike the perfect balance to keep all employees comfortable and focused. But a solution is available. Save the day with the superpowers of electric heat!

Radiant heaters provide the most comfortable form of heat, and do not use forced air, rather relying on the natural transfer of heat from warm objects to cooler objects. A radiant heater utilizes electricity to radiate heat to surrounding objects and are much quieter than forced air heating systems. One of the many benefits of radiant heat vs forced air options. Electric heating systems have been in use for over a century, and in that period, they have significantly advanced in terms of their efficiency, affordability, safety, versatility and appearance.

Be a comfort hero for your building and utilize customized electric heat to alleviate the distress of those who are chilly! A wide range of supplemental heating solutions can efficiently and economically address virtually every heating need in every building type by taking advantage of the steadily increasing benefits of electricity to create the most environmentally responsible and economically viable heating solutions.

In fact, there are portable electric heaters such as a Radiant Plug-In Under Desk Heaters specifically designed to provide personalized, targeted, energy-efficient warmth to employees. Other options include unit heaters and wall heaters. These heaters can be used for virtually any indoor location regardless of space type or size and offer an easy install solution for cold spots that are located further from main heat sources without requiring venting or exhaust.

Anyone can be a comfort hero! Whether you’re a contractor, engineer, architect, facility manager or building owner, Marley Engineered Products offers custom heating solutions to supplement a current HVAC system and ensure the comfort of building occupants. Marley’s knowledgeable support team is comprised of engineers, technicians and quality and safety specialists, who will help you achieve precise made-to-order heating requests and specifications for a variety of projects.

No matter the space or place, it’s never cool to feel cold. To become a comfort hero and ensure year-round comfort in the workplace, it is vital to find a supplemental heater that is flexible enough to address fluctuating temperature concerns all year long. To contact a Marley Engineered Systems comfort specialist or to learn more about custom heating solutions for any facility visit MarleyMEP.com.