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radiant heaters

CP - For complete or supplemental heating in commercial, residential and institutional structures–new or whenever the utility and comfort of radiant ceiling heating is desired.
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  • For complete or supplemental heating in a commercial, residential and institutional structures - new or remodeled construction of offices, classrooms, family rooms, bathrooms...whenever the utility and comfort of radiant ceiling heating is desired
  • Radiant Ceiling Panel applications as primary or supplemental heat include
  • Commercial building perimeters to neutralize down-drafts over glass, enclosed outside walkways and washrooms
  • School locker rooms, cafeterias, laboratories and classrooms
  • Hospital burn and trauma areas, recovery and examination rooms
  • Residential isolated cold spots, above sliding glass doors and floor to ceiling windows
  • Clean, gentle, comfortable heat that is ideal for offsetting perimeter heat loss; saving substantial energy over other systems by heating people and objects rather than all the air in a room or building.
  • People are comfortable at lower room temperatures with a radiant system than with a hot air convective system...comfortable in the 60's rather than in the 70's. And lower thermostat settings can save hundreds of dollars in energy bills each year
  • Ceiling panels allow full usage of wall and floor space. no noise. No moving parts. No maintenance. No ceilings, walls or drapes to clean. No dried out air.
  • A simple system, easy to install, easy to control room by room without wasting energy needlessly heating unoccupied spaces.
6 85360
CP25101658 01202502.124”x24”15 lbs.
CP25801663 42082501.224”x24”15 lbs.
CP25201659 7240250124”x24”15 lbs.
CP25701662 72772500.924”x24”15 lbs.
CP25301660 33472500.724”x24”15 lbs.
CP31101669 61203102.624”x24”15 lbs.
CP31801674 02083101.524”x24”15 lbs.
CP31201670 22403101.324”x24”15 lbs.
CP31701671 92773101.124”x24”15 lbs.
CP31301673 33473100.924”x24”15 lbs.
CP37101675 71203753.124”x24”15 lbs.
CP37801685 62083751.824”x24”15 lbs.
CP37201676 42403751.624”x24”15 lbs.
CP37701677 12773751.424”x24”15 lbs.
CP37301684 93473751.124”x24”15 lbs.
CP50101691 71205004.224”x48”28 lbs.
CP50801696 22085002.424”x48”28 lbs.
CP50201692 42405002.124”x48”28 lbs.
CP50701695 52775001.824”x48”28 lbs.
CP50301693 13475001.424”x48”28 lbs.
CP62101697 91206255.224”x48”28 lbs.
CP62801707 5208625324”x48”28 lbs.
CP62201698 62406252.624”x48”28 lbs.
CP62701706 82776252.324”x48”28 lbs.
CP62301699 33476251.824”x48”28 lbs.
CP75101713 61207506.324”x48”28 lbs.
CP75801718 12087503.624”x48”28 lbs.
CP75201714 32407503.124”x48”28 lbs.
CP75701717 42777502.724”x48”28 lbs.
CP75301715 03477502.124”x48”28 lbs.
QSF2424Surface Mounting Frame for 24” x 24” Panels
QSF2448Surface Mounting Frame for 24” x 48” Panels
QRF2424Recess Mounting Frame for 24” x 24” Panels
QRF2448Recess Mounting Frame for 24” x 48” Panels
24" - 35"36” - 47”48” - 59”60” - 71”72” - 83”84” - 95”96”
 QT+** High155235315390^N/AN/AN/A
 10” - 13”Med.130195260325^N/AN/AN/A
 14” - 17”Med.195295390490^N/AN/AN/A
 18” - 21”Med.260390520650780^^N/AN/A
 22” - 28”Med.31047062578594010951250
Product Manuals and Literature
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