Residential Fan-Forced Zonal Wall Heater - COS-E Series™

IDEAL SPACES | Bedrooms; Living/Family Rooms; Kitchens; Bathrooms; Basements;  Offices;  Hallways; Lobbies; Waiting Rooms
COLOR | White
TEMP RANGE | 40°-90°F
CFM | 50
GRILLE | 12” H x 9” W x 0.9" D                
BACK BOX | 9-7/8” H x 7-3/4” W x 4" D

For true zonal heating in a compact design that fits in anywhere, choose this wall heater. Its fast-response heating element kicks in quickly, providing warmth for your bedroom, bathroom or hallway. The patented CLIP-N-FIT® system, thermal fuse and self-hold limit makes installing it on the wall safe and easy.

  • Patented CLIP-N-FIT® feature allows installer to change the desired wattage output without moving the jumper wire
  • Dual Protection: self-hold limit with one-time thermal fuse
  • Dual voltage and wattage ratings help reduce inventory levels
  • Contemporary look and compact size ideal for new residential or commercial installations where space is limited
  • Quick installation and easy service with heater/fan assembly fitting into back box with a single screw
  • Double-pole thermostat on all models
  • Efficient quiet operation from smooth running multi-layer impeller
  • Adaptable for retrofits (such as provided with UL-approved COS-E and CS Models)*
  • Thermostat with positive OFF position for added safety     

*Adaptable for retrofits into 9-7/8 in. x 7-3/4 in. x 4 in. back-box (such as provided with UL-approved COS-E and CS Models) and same rough-in opening if new box is desired.

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