Open Coil Electric Duct Heater

IDEAL SPACES | Office Buildings; Retail Stores; Warehouses; Schools; Hotels; Hospitals

Electric duct heaters provide enhanced comfort by maintaining or accelerating warm air flowing throughout ductwork within a building, especially in areas furthest away from the main HVAC unit.


  • UL and ETL Listed for use as a standalone heater
  • Flip-Able design, airflow in any direction, designed for zero clearance
  • Standard Watt density of 30 kW/sqft
  • Derated Heating Coils improve heater element life and nuisance tripping
  • Max height of 144” and max width of 120”
  • Variable CFM requirement based on inlet air temp
  • Convenient online quoting through an updated Configurator; saves time and money


  • Precise solid state SSR /SCR Control
  • Electronic sequential 12 Step Controller
  • NEC compliant Disconnect Switch
  • Integrated 24V Transformer eliminates control wire runs
  • Power Fusing is available for less than 48A, required for over 48A
  • Airflow Switch is an air pressure device designed to disable the heater when the system has no or low airflow
  • Fan Interlock, Time Delay, Pilot Lights, Vapor Barrier, Dust Tight, VFC, A-Wire, Wall Thermostat, Duct Probe Sensors and more

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