FRP/FRS Series - Infrared Heater

  • IDEAL SPACES | Car Washes;  Parking Garages; Arenas; Showrooms; Workshops;, Loading Docks; Aircraft Hangers; Warehouses; Gymnasiums; Swimming Pools; Walkways; Entryways; Ski Resorts;  Sports Arenas; Driving Ranges; Bus Stops; Smoking Areas; Patios
    ENCLOSURE TYPE | Painted Steel; Stainless Steel
    ELEMENT TYPE* | Metal Sheathed; Quartz Tube and Quartz Lamp
    REFLECTIVE ANGLE | 30° Symmetrical; 60° Symmetrical; 60° Asymmetrical; 90° Symmetrical
    COLOR | Bronze; Stainless Steel

    For indoor/outdoor heating, choose these painted steel infrared heaters. When added to your workshop, warehouse, gym or pool, they provide excellent spot heating or total comfort that is unaffected by outside drafts.

    • Ideal for indoor/outdoor, total or spot heating use
    • Two- and three-element design provide concentrated heating capacity in single infrared radiant heater
    • Metal sheath, quartz tube or quartz lamp elements used interchangeably provide flexibility necessary for multiple application projects
    • FRS – 20-gauge, stainless steel enclosure and heater support/wiring compartment for applications requiring additional corrosion resistance
    • FRP – 20-gauge galvanized steel enclosure and heater support/wiring compartment; statuary bronze powder coat finish
    • Heavy-gauge gold anodized reflectors offer a wide selection of beam patterns
    • High quality finish and steel internal sheet metal parts give excellent service under most operating conditions, including coastal salt air and most industrial atmospheres**

    NOTE: *Metal Sheathed: used indoors or outdoors in high-traffic areas; Quartz Tube and Quartz Lamp: used indoors and outdoors for snow melting and spot heating. **Finish not intended for direct salt spray exposure in marine applications or highly corrosive greenhouse, swimming pool, chemical storage or industrial atmospheres.



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