PRP/PRS - 2 & 3 Element Infrared Heaters

  • Total or supplemental (spot) heating in commercial and industrial areas, assembly lines, aircraft hangers, outside smoking areas, work stations and shipping areas
  • Snow melting for waiting areas and entryways, stairs, parking lots, driveways and loading docks, smoking areas
  • Available with Stainless Steel or Painted Steel enclosure
  • Double element and three element heaters provide concentrated heating capacity in a single infrared radiant heater
  • Two or three element design
  • Painted or Stainless Steel enclosure
  • Heavy gauge bright anodized aluminum reflectors (Optional - gold anodized), offer a wide selection of beam patterns
  • Easy one person installation - attach upper mounting support to ceiling or optional wall bracket, rough in wiring, hang heater by tabs to complete wiring, swing heater into place to complete installation
  • Type VRP - 20 gauge galvanized steel enclosure and heater support / wiring compartment painted in a Statuary Bronze powder coat finish
  • Type VRS - Type 304, brush finished, 20 gauge, stainless steel enclosure and heater support / wiring compartment for applications requiring additional corrosion resistance
  • METAL SHEATH, QUARTZ TUBE or QUARTZ LAMP ELEMENTS - used interchangeably provide the flexibility necessary for multiple application projects
  • METAL SHEATHED ELEMENTS - used indoors, or outdoors protected from the wind, in areas where physical abuse is a problem
  • QUARTZ LAMP - used indoors and outdoors in areas where abuse is not a problem for snow melting and spot heating
  • Pigtail element leads for a more positive connection on applications where physical abuse is a problem
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