RUX Series Explosion-Proof Unit Heater Gen2 (NEW!)

IDEAL SPACES | Oil Refineries; Sewage Treatment Plants; Petrochemical Plants; Oil Rigs; Aircraft Hangars ; Chemical Storage/Handling Facilities; Paint Storage Areas; Other Hazardous Environments
COLORS | Beige
TEMP RANGE | 50°-120° F (10°-49°C)
CFM | 550-3850
DIMENSIONS | Varies (see specifications)

Class I, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups C & D
Class II, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups E, F & G
Class I, Zones 1 and 2, Group II​


  • Industrial grade, corrosion resistant cabinet/louvers fabricated from beige powder coated 14-gauge galvanized steel with minimum opening safety stops
  • Industrial grade heating elements are treated, to provide freeze protection as low as -49°F (-45°C)
  • The prewired fan motor assembly has double-shielded, permanently lubricated ball bearings and automatic reset line breaking thermal overload protection—separate field wiring to the motor is not required
  • Factory built-in controls include overtemperature cutouts, controlling magnetic contactor, and 24-volt control circuit transformer housed in a NEMA 7, 9 cast aluminum enclosure
  • Corrosion-resistant constructions suitable for most applications 
  • – Welded steel heat exchanger with powder-coated cabinet for dry, non-corrosive areas includes
    – 316 stainless steel for waste water treatment plants
    – Heresite® coating for chemical plants with chlorides
    – IP55 motor and type 4 outdoor rated enclosure for wet locations—meets UL 1004-1 raintight requirements

  • Industry’s lowest ignition temperature code rating, T3C, 320°F (160°C)
  • Automatic and manual reset overtemperature cutouts
  • Low 70 PSIG relief valve setting—in an emergency, the initial escaping vapor is below the ignition temperature

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