• IDEAL SPACES | Work Stations; Work Shops; Toll Booths; Garages; Assembly Lines; Well Houses; Loading/Shipping Docks; Quick Drying (With Optional Roll Around Cart)

    ENCLOSURE TYPE | Statuary Bronze Painted Steel         

    ELEMENT TYPE* | Quartz Tube

    REFLECTIVE ANGLE | 60° Symmetrical


    • Ideal for supplemental and spot heating
    • Three-prong cord set for easy plug in
    • Heavy-duty gold anodized reflector has one of the highest levels for radiating heat energy
    • Unit includes switches for multi-wattage operation; full or 50% operation
    • Versatility is doubled as unit can be mounted on ceiling or on optional cart and rolled to any location for maximum spot heating effect

    NOTE: *Quartz Tube: used indoors and outdoors for snow melting and spot heating. 

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