Marley's New Dragon Heater – Ideal for Construction Sites

Choosing the right heater for a job can be a confusing and time-consuming task. You need to consider the size of the space you want to heat and the style of heater best suited to your needs. If you live and work in a cooler climate, a portable electric heater will not only provide you and your team with comfortable temperatures, but it will help maintain productive and safe working conditions.

Ideal for construction sites, large workspaces or for surfaces that require drying, the new Dragon Heater by Marley Engineered Products is a solid choice!  It is a ready-to-use heating solution that creates immediate on-the-spot warmth. Recently updated features include an enlarged controls access area making it easier to perform on-site maintenance thereby reducing downtime and new air-filled tires that are more durable and easier to transport over rough surfaces.

No setup is required.  Our top models come pre-packaged with a plug and cord kit enabling use right out of the box. For more information or to view the dragon heater and its full set of features, view the Dragon Heater-Portable Electric Blower product page.

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