Marley Brands Earn Top Spots From BestReviews

Consumers have spoken and we are listening:  Product reviews are one of the most critical elements in the buying process!  Experts estimate that nearly two-thirds of consumers seek product reviews before making a purchasing decision. In addition to providing more in-depth product descriptions, product reviews builds trust and confidence in products long before a consumer even uses the product. 

Marley Engineered Products is delighted to be featured in two recent BestReviews product evaluations.  BestReviews, which shares its product reviews on Amazon, independently researches, analyzes and tests products in thousands of categories. The results are shared in articles and videos where product evaluators share their top 5 picks.        

BestReviews recently selected two Marley products on its shortlist of top Baseboard heaters.  The Fahrenheat PLF Hydronic Baseboard Heater earned the “Best of the Best” distinction, while a similar product, the Qmark HBB1254 came in within the top five as well.  In addition to providing the pros and cons of its top 5 selections, BestReviews includes a summary that explains the benefits of zone heating and how baseboard heaters can create comfort and reduce energy costs in both newer and older homes. For additional Baseboard products offered by MEP please visit the Baseboard category page.

In another study of garage heaters, BestReviews named the Fahrenheat FUH Garage Heater “Best of the Best”.  Chosen from a field of 37 models, the Marley garage heater was chosen for its solid performance, steady heat output and extreme durability and reliability. The QMark and Berko brands also offer similar heater options, which can be viewed here.

To view the BestReviews results on the baseboard heater, check out the full review. To view the findings on the garage heater study, click here.