Custom Design Delivers Floor-to-Ceiling Comfort at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore

Hypothermia is a primary concern when treating burn and trauma patients. The Ceiling Mounted Heat Deck system at Johns Hopkins Hospital provides gentle warmth to the patient without affecting the surrounding area temperatures. A heat deck is recess mounted in the ceiling above the patient’s bed, out of the way until it is needed.

Operated from a wall-mounted control panel, the heat deck is easily lowered and raised.  The heat deck’s three radiant heating panels are energized from the control panel either individually, or in combination, to provide heat to the patient’s head, torso or lower extremities.

With a temperature probe located at patient level, the solid state temperature controller is manually set to the desired temperature and then automatically regulated.

Additional applications for the ceiling-mounted panels include nurseries, early recovery, examination rooms, administration areas, hydrotherapy areas, baby x-ray stations, isolation rooms, patient bathrooms, neonatal areas and infant intensive care units.

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