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Ventilation products from Leading Edge are designed with functionality, safety and structural tolerance in mind. Many ventilation applications involve unique challenges and non-standard specifications; we work with you to develop your most appropriate solution.

Introduction to Air Curtains

Air curtains are used for a wide variety of applications from thermal barriers at shopping mall entrances, to fly and insect prevention at restaurant service doors, to factory freight doors for wind resistance and temperature separation. The air curtain enables traffic to flow unobstructed through openings while maintaining distinct environments, thus resulting in energy savings.

Introduction to Air Circulators

Maintaining and improving worker productivity is critical in today's business environment. Proving a comfortable workspace is one of the tools available to employers to maxmize employee productivity. The proper application of air circulators can improve comfort levels througout your facility, air conditioned or not. With a complete line of fans designed to use in industrial and commercial applications, our air circulators are ideal for warehouse ventilating, loading docks and assembly line applications.


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