2500 Series Electric Baseboard Heaters

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baseboard heaters

2500 Series - Electric Baseboard Heaters
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  • Easily installed without disassembly
  • Designed for quiet operation...no popping and pinging normally associated with baseboard heaters
  • Built-in safety thermal cut-off protection
  • Easy out knockouts at each end for convenient wiring. Knockouts inside wiring compartment allow field installation of optical raceway kit from end to end, forming UL listed wiring
  • UL listed for installation on wall at floor level with wall-to-wall carpeting. Heater stands unsupported during installation
  • Navajo White or Northern White durable textured polyester powder coat finish
  • Pre-notched mounting guide marks for fast and easy installation without disassembling the unit
  • Built -in cable clamp in both wiring compartments to restrain incoming cables without using additional hardware
2542W73002 2240/208400/3002’5.2
25426W73006 0240/208500/3762’6”6.3
2543W73010 7240/208750/5643’7.5
2544W73014 5240/2081000/7524’10
2545W73018 3240/2081250/9405’11.5
2546W73022 0240/2081500/11286’14
2548W73025 1240/2082000/15048’18.5
25408W72982 8240/2082500/18808’18.5
2512W73000 81204002’5.2
25126W73004 61205002’6”6.3
2513W73008 41207503’7.5
2514W73012 112010004’10
2515W73016 912012505’11.5
2516W73020 612015006’14
2502W73001 52084002’5.2
25026W73005 32085002’6”6.3
2503W73009 12087503’7.5
2504W73013 820810004’10
2505W73017 620812505’11.5
2506W73002 120815006’14
2508W73024 420820008’18.5
25008W72981 120825008’18.5
2572W73003 9277/240/208400/300/2252’5.2
25726W73007 7277/240/208500/376/2822’6”6.3
2573W73011 4277/240/208750/564/4233’7.5
2574W73015 2277/240/2081000/752/5644’10
2575W73019 0277/240/2081250/940/7055’11.5
2576W73023 7277/240/2081500/1128/8466’14
2578W73026 8277/240/2082000/1504/11288’18.5
25708W72983 5277/240/2082500/1880/14108’18.5
TA1AW73041 1SP Thermostat, rated 22A @ 120-277V1 lb.
TA1TPAW73042 8Tamper resistant version of above.1 lb.
TA2AW73043 5DP Thermostat, rated 22A @ 120-277V1 lb.
TA2TPAW73044 2Tamper resistant version of above.1 lb.
HCA2415/20W73046 6240V Load Transfer Switch, 20A1 lb.
HCA1215/20W73045 9120V Load Transfer Switch, 20A1 lb.
RSA122471480 0120V/24V Transformer Relay, 25A1 lb.
RSA202471485 5208V/24V Transformer Relay, 25A1 lb.
RSA242471490 9240V/24V Transformer Relay, 25A1 lb.
RSA272471495 4277V/24V Transformer Relay, 22A1 lb.
RA1W73047 3120V Duplex Receptacle1 lb.
DSW2W73049 7Double Pole Disconnect Switch – rated 20A @ 120-277V1 lb.
PR2471367 4Single Pole Power Relay, 24V Control rated 30A @ 120-240V,23A @ 277V1 lb
PR12071368 1Same as above except 120V Control.1 lb
ICAW73050 3Inside Corner1 lb
RA1COMPW73048 0Duplex Receptacle Cover only – carton of 101 lb
FS1273150 01 Ft. Filler Section2 lbs.
FS2473151 72 Ft. Filler Section4 lbs.
FS3673152 43 Ft. Filler Section6 lbs.
FS4873153 14 Ft. Filler Section8 lbs.
FSJ273154 82-Inch Joiner Strip1/2 lb.
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